Disability Care

When you have a handicap, receiving care at home might be better to living in a nursing facility away from family and friends. Nevertheless, everyone’s situation will vary, so what works for one person may not work for another. Receiving care at home can guarantee that the chores you wish to do are within your grasp when you have a disability that hinders your mobility since your carers will provide you the additional assistance required. When it comes to recovering your freedom and living the way you want to, this might make all the difference.

Helping Hands provides disability care on a visiting basis, in which your carer visits you at designated times and also for certain lengths of time, or you could have a carer reside in your residence with you.

Our skilled carers can support with everything, from complex requirements like continence support to assistance with daily chores like cleaning and bathing. You can hire one of our carers to help out at your house. Depending on a person’s needs, they can offer 24-hour monitoring or only a few hours of assistance.

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