Frequently Asked Questions

Domiciliary home based care

Yes. We are registered under  1-13505650422. Visit the Care Quality Commission’s website (see helpful links) to learn more about their fundamental quality and safety requirements.

We provide services in Woking and surrounding areas. If unsure please ring to confirm

One of our Field Care Supervisors will typically present the suitable Home Care Assistant we have chosen for your needs to you. Nonetheless, if they aren’t appropriate, we will work to locate an alternative as soon as it is practicable.

In the event that the care worker is not happy with the service user for whatever reason,  Quality Care for you Ltd will locate a suitable alternative. We shall make an attempt to match the carer to the service user’s specific needs.

We will provide a replacement care worker who has already visited you and is familiar with you if your normal care worker is ill or away on vacation. Before sending a new care worker, we’ll get in touch with you to let you know that someone new is coming and to introduce them.

The whole workforce of Quality Care 4 You are hired locally. Face-to-face interviews, identification checks, criminal background checks, and a minimum of two positive verifiable references are all part of our thorough hiring procedure for care assistants.

At Quality Care 4 You Ltd, we value transparency and make sure that all remarks and grievances are taken into account and addressed. Any discontent or worry that is expressed to us, no matter how small, allows us to be informed and take the appropriate action to resolve the issue. The Care Quality Commission has registered and is in charge of our service.

By phone call, emailing the manager admin@quality-care4you.com, via website, verbal feedback

We suggest getting in touch with your local social services office since you could be eligible for assistance.